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It's nearly Spring and it's time for us to think about new ways to refresh our look for the new season, and a great place to start is your make-up. I caught up with beauty blogger Carole this week in Selfridges we talked make-up and beauty tips for Spring 2018.


Hi, I am Carole Marchant, I'm 42 years old and live in Beckenham, Kent with my husband and 11 year old son.

What's a typical day for you?

I'm married and I am a stay-at-home mum - I start my day by dropping my son off at Senior school in London, being in London this can take a day is then my own until he gets the bus home from school. It seems a long day, but it always flies by and I fill a lot of it with with coffee and lunch dates! I am though trying to get myself fitter and stronger this year and have been going to regular Pump classes at my local gym. I don’t think I will be entering any World’s Strongest Women competitions just yet.

How did you get into blogging about make-up and beauty?

10 years ago I decided to enrol on a Cosmetic Make Up course at Kingston College, Surrey. It was a weekly course with practical and theory exams. I was one of the oldest on the course but thoroughly enjoyed it and was so happy to pass and leave with my qualification. We then decided to move to Essex (my parents live there and I moved there at the age of 5) to send my son to Primary School and then time just passed and I never did anything with my qualification - except for one bride in London before we moved. Then I noticed my friends and mums at school and even strangers would comment on my make-up or ask for tips and recommendations and this prompted me to write my blog. I think so many women get to a certain age or life style and suddenly either lose confidence in wearing make-up or get stuck in a beauty rut.

If someone is new to make-up or would like to refresh their day look, where do you recommend for them to start?

My advice would be to invest in your basic staples and get a capsule make-up collection going so that you can apply anytime day or night quickly and easily. I would say a good foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturiser is essential; then I would add a concealer, blusher, mascara and lipstick - simple but has everything you need for a basic look. 

One or two good makeup brushes are also a great investment; I like Real Techniques - reasonably priced and have a great range. Nearly all the women I speak to are afraid of eye make-up. I think if you are unsure of an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner, go for an eyeshadow palette in natural shades. There are so many of them about nowadays and they often tell you where on your eyes to apply the shades.

Carole Marchant

What 5 must have items do you think every woman should have in her make-up bag?

Mascara - this really opens up your eyes making them bigger which makes them not only more awake but more youthful. If you find wearing black is too harsh then a dark brown works well. I have to say I am also a big fan of highstreet mascaras over designer ones.

Brow product - good brows make or break a face as they frame it. I have HD brows done but I still use a brow product daily to define my brows.

A good concealer - for those days when you have slept badly, had a late night or hormones are playing up. I have bad black circles which I hate so a concealer is a must for me.

Blusher/Bronzer - to make me look alive and healthy, it gives you an instant pick-me up.

A good lipstick - whatever you feel happy in but I would suggest a good nude and a red or coral one.

Do you have a specific skincare routine?

Skincare is so important and I always remove my makeup every night (well more or less every night... I blame Prosecco if I don’t manage to) and I try not to use wipes as they dry my skin out. For evenings, I like to use an oil cleanser and am using the Kiel’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Gel which I massage into my face and remove with a warm damp cloth. I then use a Micellar water to remove any stubborn eye makeup etc. I like to use toner next and am a big fan of the Pixi Glow Tonic. Even though I have oily skin I love using oils and use a serum and oil at night - Aurelia products at the moment.

In the morning I have been loving my La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel which I follow up with my Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic and my Sunday Riley Juno followed by moisturiser. I almost forgot I also use eye creams morning and night. Although, no eye cream can actually remove wrinkles - sadly!

Do you recommend any products for traveling abroad that perhaps differs to every day?

To be honest I only ever travel for leisure and tend to take most of my makeup with me - you don’t want to be behind me going through security.

Carole Marchant

What new make-up products are coming in Spring 2018 that you are excited about

Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless filter - a primer/highlighter hybrid. I am a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury make-up mainly her lipsticks but this product I love.

Huda Beauty was 3D Highlighter Palette - Huda started off on You Tube and now has her own make-up line - impressive. I have an eye shadow palette of hers that I really like and this palette looks lovely if quite “full on”

I am not the biggest fan of Kim Kardashian as a cultural phenomenon but her make-up is always fabulously applied and her make-up artist Mario Dedivanioc is going to collaborate with her make up line and this could be interesting as I love how he does make-up.

What advice can you offer to readers about adopting new beauty trends?

For me when I see all the new trends that come out for make-up I just think are they actually wearable for me and my skin at my age. Now, given half a chance I still love the excuse to put glitter on but I am also aware glitter and shimmer sit in my lines and wrinkles and its not actually very flattering. I think with new trends they have to suit you and your lifestyle and make you feel better about yourself and not self conscious. I also think that some things are best off left to the young like glitter lips etc.

I read an interview with Nadine Baggot and she said “Make-up over forty should not be about trends but simply being modern, you want someone to notice your face not your make-up”I just loved this.

Who are your role models for make-up and beauty products or that you like to copy?

I don’t think I necessarily have beauty role models but I do find inspiration often on You Tube and I particularly like Pixiwoo - two sisters who make videos and as they are not teens or in their early twenties I like to see the products they use and how they look on them as they aren’t kids! I feel the same about Nadine Baggot who is older than me but has amazing skin and her makeup looks great. She also makes You Tube videos and again I get inspiration from her and tips.

Apart from lotions and potions, is there any other advice you have for having great healthy skin?

I don’t think I have any new tips here but just the usual; a good nights sleep, plenty of water and a good diet with not too much sugar. I do take supplements but I don’t know if they are helping my skin but they can’t hurt. I know there are specific beauty supplements but I have never taken any.

What tips do you have for busy working mums to keep their make-up modern?

For simple, quick fuss free makeup I like products that do more than one job for example Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Sticks I use on cheeks and lips and Nars have a product that I have used on lips, cheeks and eyes.

Getting your brows and eyelashes professionally done also saves time in your day-to-day routine and in the summer a good face fake tan saves a lot of time

Carole Marchant

And finally, what three things could you not live without?

I am a massive fan of blusher, undereye concealer and my trademark... a bright lipstick.

Carole without hesitating - what's your favs?

  • Make-up - Budget or Designer? - A total mixture of both
  • Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser? - Foundation
  • Spa day or Shopping day? - Shopping day
  • Kate Moss or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? - Kate Moss
  • Instagram or Facebook? - Instagram
  • Gold or Silver? - Gold
  • Zara or H&M? - Zara
  • Starbucks or Costa? - Starbucks
  • Starter or Dessert? - Dessert
  • Lipstick or Lip Gloss? - Lipstick

You can follow Carole on her Instagram account here and you can check out her beauty blog, Carolem Beauty here.


Floral Dress with biker jacket

Biker Jacket is from H&M - AW17
Dress from Zara - AW17
Boots from M&S - AW17
Bag from River Island - Current season

Lizzi Richardson


Sunday, 11 March 2018


Was it intentional, not at first. Was I confused, most definitely! I found myself in Zara changing room trying on this red blouse but not sure as to which way I was to wear it - it didn't help that in store they displayed them as pussy-bow blouses, which is what I was looking for, but the neck label was there?!

So I thought wear it how you want to and we'll take it from there, the v-neckline works really well for a larger bust and the bow just looked fabulous - after checking the sleeves it made no difference which way it could be worn, and down the back (which is really the front) it was all buttoned - a look I could not pull off, I would need to undo a couple of them at the top and then the neck tie would not work.


And so my lovely readers, if you love this blouse my advice to you is - if you have a small bust and you like a tie-back style blouse then this is perfect for you. And if you have a larger bust and need a v-neckline for balance, and you love a bow at the front, then this is perfect for you too (just remove the neck label ;) ).

And if you can get away with both... you are one lucky chick! A good one to do a day-to-night trick on.

Red Blouse

Sizing is true to fit, I need around a 12 and I bought a Medium. The sleeves are lovely and floaty and they finish just passed the elbow. I would have preferred for an extra inch or two in length but that said it fits nicely over jeans too without tucking in - so again very versatile.

And here's my overall look which I wore today for Mothering Sunday, Mum and I popped into central Oxford and I have to say I was very impressed with the new Westgate Shopping Centre, I shall certainly be returning.

red blouse
@Loved by Lizzi

Outfit details:

  • Iconic Ted Baker Coat - I've had this three years and still loving!
  • Red blouse - Zara (this season)
  • Leopard print belt - Biba at House of Fraser - I've had this three years or more
  • Black jeans - Next 
  • Red boots - New Look (last season)
  • Red Tote Bag - Topshop (this season but only in store)

Lizzi Richardson
@Loved by Lizzi

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Thursday, 8 March 2018


When you want to change something in your life, perhaps learn a new career skill, improve your health goals or even simply to update your wardrobe style then it’s good to take inspiration from those that you can relate to. This doesn’t always have to be a ‘celebrity’ but with the whole world at our fingertips this can be a good start – it’s important that we relate to them, to help us achieve what we want to do.

Today being International Women's Day this has inspired me to think about 'Women who have or do inspire me today?' And because Loved by Lizzi is all about fashion, I felt these superwomen simply had to be from the fashion world.

I'm often asked where I get my inspiration from to write my posts; I'm never without ideas in fact I have lists, upon lists of blogpost ideas that so far haven't even made it into concept stage; that's when I start to break up the idea and think about what pieces I need to put it all together. And whilst I take inspiration from the usual suspects of magazines, high street, books and the world around me, sometimes it's as simple as a woman in the fashion world doing her own thing, making her way in this world, her way - and that's truly inspirational.

Isabella and the two Victorias below have in one way or another made an impact on me, maybe persuading me to buy an item or perhaps changing a habit or I have learnt ‘something’ from them, perhaps where they have failed and it’s taught me that you have to pick yourself up and carry on. 

I feel that I know these women fairly well, through reading about them, observing them on social media or maybe simply by attending exhibitions that have been curated around their life’s work.  All three women have, for me, some characteristics that I can relate to, they are hard-working, determined to achieve and are close to their families, all of these qualities mean a lot to me.

I just wanted to write this post as a celebration towards today, I've picked three women (I could have selected more!) and I've themed this around the past, the present and the one to watch in the future. I've intentionally picked photos of them in their everyday life (believe me for Isabella this photo is 'normal'), to show that they are real people, doing their own thing.

Let's start with the past...


Isabella Blow
Isabella Blow on Instagram

Isabella was born in 1958 and sadly died in 2007, her death could have come earlier as she suffered very much with depression throughout her life, and it was suicide that ended it. 

Her whole life was dedicated to fashion and the young unknowns that she brought to the forefront because she understood their love and dedication to this subject; her most famous being Alexander McQueen. The poor 'rich society girl' who was renowned for being eccentric, over-powering and overspending the Vogue's magazine budget - she didn't let people or money stop her from setting out to achieve her goals. Her bio written by her husband is a book I highly recommend, I've read it twice myself!

My takeaways from Izzy are, be creative, be passionate and have lots of fun. 

And today....


Victoria Beckham
VB on Instagram

Now this comes and no surprise that I have selected VB as my present, a huge Spice Girls fan, Posh was always my favourite. Over the years I've never stopped being a fan, and the one thing I love the most has been following her on her journey as a British Designer which she has just celebrated it's tenth year. Over these ten years I've seen a lot of hard work and whilst I get she has a team to support her today, she only started with two people helping her. This fashion business has not been an overnight success, it's been a journey which inspires me to stay on mine.

My takeaways from VB, follow your dreams, it's a journey, put family first.

And the one to watch...

Probably better known as IN THE FROW

Victoria In The Frow
Victoria IN THE FROW on Instagram

This young Victoria is fifteen years younger than me, but she is probably one of the most hard working individuals I follow through social media - A YouTuber, Blogger and Social Influencer, and whilst it's clear she has an agency supporting her, you can see how she does pretty much all of it herself with the dedicated support of her boyfriend Alex.

I'm truly inspired by her - the products she uses or her designer taste is not of interest really to me, some of that may be an age thing, some of that could be a style thing - but she is one superwoman that is a real positive force for our younger generation of ladies who could learn a lot from her positive working values. 

She's not all about fashion, make-up and accessories - although she quite happily admits this all makes her happy, she has studied hard over the years achieving a PhD researching Mobile Consumer Behaviour - and for a 28 year old she has done a lot!

My takeaways from Victoria, learning new skills, work hard, stay focus and enjoy what you do.

And so I end with this unusual post from me with this style quotation from Isabella... as it always makes me laugh.

quotation from Isabella Blow
Isabella Blow on Instagram


Sunday, 4 March 2018


I've never really done a shopping haul kind of post but I've bought lots of exciting new products just lately all aimed at Spring, and I thought I would put it all together in one post. I always get excited by Spring and the shift between wearing a lot of neutrals which we all typically do in Winter time, into more colour.

One of the areas I think we tend to forget is our make up, over Winter heavier foundation can really protect your skin from the elements, but once Spring has sprung I get an urge to lighten my foundation and I think it's nice to invest in some new make up, to kind of freshen up your look. Now what I'm showing you below has been tailored for me, but my advice is pick a brand you happy to spend on, take time out of your day to go into the store with the mindset that you will get their brand rep to talk through their new collection, and get them to apply it on.

Don't feel you have to buy everything, but most likely you need to freshen your make up with two or three new items, so be sure you focus on them first.

No.7 make up

On my list was either a tinted moisturiser or a light foundation, my brief to the rep was I wanted a dewy finish, as I wasn't planning on wearing powder and I wanted my face to appear fresh looking.

She recommended No.7 Instant Radiance Foundation, and after checking my skin tone (which I knew would be warm) she confirmed I was a Warm Ivory. She recommended to apply this with a blusher brush and not a foundation sponge or brush, so that I would get that lighter dewy look - and I have to say I am very happy with the results. 10/10.

Now my eyebrow maker needed replacing, I am currently using Brow Artist Genius Kit by L'Oreal, which if I didn't like what she proposed I was planning to buy again. The No.7 Beautiful Eyebrow Kit offered a lot more than my existing palette, a choice of two shades of brown to enable me to mix, plus a highlighter too, which I don't use on my daytime look, but I do use eyeshadow to do this for evening, and so by having this in my kit that could mean one less item to travel with - that's a big tick from me. So far so good, but I need more time before I rate it.

I then asked about blusher, I wanted a lighter option to what I use today, which is Luminous Blush (Russet) by Avon, this is I think very wintery and I'm not keen to continue using it into Spring. The rep talked me out of blusher, and suggested a bronzer kit, Shimmering Palette Rose, she felt it would give me more options, I could use the brown strip as a blusher, and then apply a mix of all shades over my face and neckline. She suggested to stay away from a typical blusher blush but to use a bigger one for a lighter effect, and builder it up over several applications to get the desired effect. Again I'm going to need longer to play with this, but I've been happy so far.

If you want to see me talking through the products that I have bought, then these on my Highlights on my Instagram Profile, you will need to click here on your mobile and have an Instagram app to view.

Boots No.7 is currently running an offer on that if you buy two products you get this kit below, the lipstick I chose was Sweet Chestnut 670.

No.7 make up

Now moving onto shoes, I've bought two pairs in the last couple of weeks, ready for my trip to Portugal.  The espadrilles I'm about to show you are currently in the sale with not much stock left, so if you like them you need to buy them fast before your size sells out.

I do not think that the website does the product justice, I was so happy with them once they arrived, fit is true to size and they are fabulous quality, Gaimo is a family-owned Spanish brand who specialise is espadrilles and I've been impressed with the quality of the suede.

I've also got this as a highlight on my Instagram Profile talking you through these, so repeat as above, click on the link with your mobile and make sure you have an Instagram app to be able to view.

Gaimo for OFFICE
Home Wrap Front Wedge - Red Natural Suede
Was £64.99, now £40

red espadrilles
Gaimo for Office

I've also purchased these red kitten heels from New Look, I've posted previously about how I do not spend a lot of money on shoes, mainly because I find heels do not last with me plus I get bored easily and so designer shoes are just not my thing.

I'm loving these little kitten heels, so comfy, great to wear with jeans, capri style trousers and I probably will be wearing them to the office with skirts - very versatile. Great price £17.99 and they also come in cream or black. I just love the suedette finish.

New Look
Red Suedette V Front Pointed Kitten Heels

red kitten heels

And rather annoyingly Topshop are not featuring my new red handbag (I know there is a lot of red going on, but you will see why over the next few posts - all will be revealed!) I'm absolutely loving this bag and it's still available in store at £28. Just be aware it's an open tote, so no zip to close it completely, but it does have a zipped non-integral pouch which is big enough for phone, keys and a small purse.

Lizzi Richardson
Today's OOTD post which features by red bag

So let me know if you like this style of post, are you happy with a mix selection of products - I sometimes feel some of my readers miss out as I tend to talk through new products on my social media sites. Let me know what you think, and let me know if you purchase any of these, I'd love to hear form you.

Lizzi Richardson

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Sunday, 25 February 2018


Oasis Pink Knit

Let's all ignore the fact that it's going to snow this week, since when has that stopped us looking lovely! The last couple of days have been glorious sunshine and despite the very cold weather, it is time to brighten up your knitwear! Spring is the season for colour, for fresh designs and a little less drab. So if you need a little cheering up, start with your knitwear - you need it at the moment to keep you warm - just add some colour.

Now before I go into any great detail, I have a little message to my readers who know me in person, everything in this post (or any others) even if I have purchased it for myself to wear - you have the green light to buy it for yourself. I would be absolutely thrilled if you did buy something I own, and by all means show me how YOU style it, tag me into your posts and feel free to use the hashtag #lovedbylizzi

Now on to this beautiful knit from Oasis - I have been drawn to this top every time I see it, and yet pink is not really my colour, so I've decided to break the rules, and I'm wearing it, I've teamed it with some lighter blue jeans and I feel like Spring has arrived.

It's a clinging knit, so I've sized up one size which means the seam is sitting just slightly off my shoulders, but I feel the bigger size has given me overall a smoother finish. And as I plan to mainly wear this at the weekend, this gives quite a relaxed vibe to my look. 

Colourblock Knit

Now with selecting other options, I normally save the best till last - not today, after this gorgeous pink colourblock knit, there were two more in the running!

The first was a new brand really for me AND/OR in John Lewis, my local store have just reallocated the shop floor space and this brand now is in a prominent position, so I couldn't help but peruse, and came across this little number. I loved it, I just don't know if it loves me... so I plan to try it on again on my next shopping trip and see how I feel next time, so potentially this is still on my hit list!

The neckline was very comfortable, the new modern sleeve shape was just right, after trying a few of these on now the heavier cuff makes it sit better (you'll see later in my post it's one of the negative points about the H&M jumper). This is a size 12, which would be about right, but next time I plan to try the 10, as an hourglass it's got too much going on around the waist so I need to minimise this - if you have a straight body, then I would suggest staying true to your size.

Kate Cutabout Rib Jumper, Deep Blue

AND OR Kate Cutabout Deep Blue

I LOVED this one! Sadly I can't wear this, the two-tone frilly detail is not ideal for the larger bust, that aside the fit was true to size, a lovely soft knit that felt lovely against the skin. Gorgeous cable detailing and I really like the frilly cuffs, not too over-the-top but enough to give it some attention. It's an easy weekend knit that has a romantic style to it, and I feel teamed with some lovely cream wide-leg trousers this would be a very modern office look - it's a 10/10 from me.

Exclusive to John Lewis
Somerset by Alice Temperley Frill Two Tone Jumper, Coral

Somerset Alice Temperley Two Tone Frill

Now the next two are Mint Velvet, they had quite selection to choose from, and these were my favourite two. Both really great quality, really good fit and both were true to size.

Mint Velvet
Watermelon Love Crew Neck Knit

Mint Velvet Watermelon Love Knit

This next one, the neckline was perfect; don't forget we can still have very cold days in Spring and keeping the neck warm I feel you can then get away with a lighter jacket or coat and forget the scarf, which gives you a less wintery look on what could be a very crisp fresh day.

Mint Velvet
Twisted Yarn Cowl Neck Knit

Mint Velvet Cowl Neck

I had to go yellow at some point in this post! And this one is it - Miss Selfridge knit with button detail. I had to size up one size to get a good fit, but overall I think this is good value for money at £35. It also comes in a black with white stripe detailing.

Miss Selfridge
Ochre Button Neck Knitted Jumper

Ochre Jumper

And I'm finishing up with H&M, this brand always has bright colour knitwear going on, so if you don't know where to start, start in this store. You can get a feel for what colours suit you, they tend to have a lot of choice and one thing is for sure, they will have the latest modern styles.

This bell-sleeve blue jumper is VERY oversized and I found the cuffs were not strong enough to hold the shape, well not as good once I compared it to AND/OR above.  It's a great price though at £34.99 if you want to buy-in to this trend. It's a gorgeous blue, I couldn't find it online, so you will have to head in store. But I found the next best alternative and it's the same price, I think it's slightly shorter in the body and it's more a blue-blue rather than a teal

H&M blue jumper

Knitted wool-blend jumper

Lizzi Richardson

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