Thursday, 15 February 2018

My Top Five Slogan Tees

All You Need Is Love Tshirt

It’s a trend that started over eighteen months ago and it doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon! The slogan tee is one trend you can easily adopt into your wardrobe, you just need to decide on your message and be prepared to answer to people's inquisitive questions as to why you've opted for this or even maybe laugh at your choice of message - so you need to 'own it'!


My top tips on how to pick the right slogan:

  1. Unless you can see yourself wearing this over and over again, some slogans have a much shorter life span than you think – so if it’s seasonal, don’t spend too much money
  2. Think about colour – you want it to work with your existing wardrobe so if you don’t usually wear yellow and you have nothing already in your wardrobe that works with yellow, then avoid it – To make an outfit work even colour-clash styled outfits are ‘styled’ – You don’t want to be investing in other items to make the colour work for you
  3. Keep it fun 
  4. Keep the look edgy by teaming up with a biker jacket, an open denim shirt or a stiff modern blazer – I would suggest to avoid the cardigan for this one!
  5. Don’t feel you need to stick with jeans; I quite often like the look with a midi skirt

I frequently use Pinterest as a source of style inspiration however I’m finding more and more I am using Instagram too; simply search by the item you want to see, so in this case I would perhaps use #slogantop and just see what comes up. These lovely ladies below I actually follow day-to-day on Instagram and they have kindly agreed to let me use the following to show you how they wear their slogan tops. Thanks Ladies!

Instagram: @stylingbysusan

Instagram: @debpagano
Instagram: @wearitwithwheels

Instagram: thestylish_mrsmint


Starting with the one I'm wearing - this is from Topshop and such a classic song - you've gotta love the Beetles!

'All You Need Is Love' Slogan T-Shirt by And Finally

You can opt for Susan's choice of GIRLHOOD - I think this is a fab one since we just celebrated 100 years of women getting the vote.

River Island
‘girlhood’ crest embroidered top
Available in light blue or white

This tee from Mango really gels with my sense of humour, love this!

Message cotton t-shirt

I love the colour and I love the message!

Long Sleeve 'Love Saves The Day' Tee

And if you're ok to spend a little more on a tee, then I love this - who doesn't want to be part of the Brunch Club?! 

Brunch Club Logo T-shirt


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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Double Duty - The checked trousers

mustard top

Every time you introduce a new item into your wardrobe you want it to work really hard for you, and whilst I really encourage shopping your own wardrobe as much as you can, to get the cost per wear, sometimes you need to inject something fresh to help you wear more of what you have already.

When you in the shop trying on items, it can be hard to think about what you have that can go with it so if you fall in love with an item then buy, take it home and have a play - if you can create two to three outfits without anything else then you have a winner!

Spring 2018 continues to love the checks - and I feel one of the most stylish items to adopt this trend, is to invest in the trousers, these can be worn dressed up or dressed down to get that added value.

I'm hoping you are going to love these two looks, and that they will inspire you to be able to create something similar yourself so that if this is a trend you would like to adopt you have more confidence to do so. Please don't feel that things have to match perfectly to be an outfit, both these creations inject colour to make these grey check trousers work.

So let's start with the trousers, these are from Zara, I've purposely picked the version with the go-fast stripes so that you can tick that box too for Spring but they do similar ones without. The length of the trousers finish on the ankle which is the length this season so that you can show off easily your fabulous boots or trainers. The trousers have pockets but they are not too deep so they don't add bulk to your hips. Sizing is true to size. I think they are a fabulous at £29.99, the cost per wear on this will be very low indeed!


Alexa zip jacket

I don't know about you, but I find most weekends I'm running around, doing various different activities and meeting different people throughout the day, so I need my outfit to be quite versatile - I want to look great for brunch, I want comfort whilst I travel and then I don't want to look overdressed when I pop to the supermarket and do my crazy half-hour with a trolley - it's all got to work and I think this look covers it off for me.

I've teams the trousers with my Stan Smiths trainers, I think this is a slightly smarter look than my NIKES which I described to you on Thursday's post. I've got a long sleeve t-shirt on which the cuffs are made of lace, it's this kind of detail that steps up the casual to be a little more chic, I've purposely made sure this lace shows through from my jacket sleeves. 

As we are now having warmer days, I've got my Alexa jacket back out which I think gives this overall look some edge, the biker jacket naturally does that. And the last injection of colour comes very easily by adding my favourite tote bag, which I bought a few years ago from Topshop, £40 and I've used it so much it's been a gem!

Kettlewell Colours


checked trousers

I wanted to show you that these trousers make a great option for an evening out, I don't know about you but sometimes I don't want to wear jeans and perhaps a dress is not your thing. To step this up for an evening look, I've gone for a statement blouse that has the button detail and this gorgeous colour of mustard to really go bold with this look. 

Upgrade every other detail, so I've gone for big hooped gold earrings, I've ditch the tote for my new Chanel inspired cross-bag, notice how I've taken off the straps so that I can use it as a clutch. I've added some gold bangles and my black boots are the sequinned boots I got from New Look just before Christmas - my best buy for the busy party season, they just go with everything!

One tip I will suggest to you - when you wear a blouse like this with big sleeves that could potentially crease, you obviously would like to avoid this before you get to your event, I would recommend that you drape your coat or your biker jacket over your shoulders (i.e. wear it like a cape), this also helps you to tuck your clutch bag nicely under your arm as it's easier without a jacket on. I personally also think wearing your jacket this way is slightly more glam.

Lizzi Richardson
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I just want to say a big huge thank you to everyone who took my shopping survey - it has been really insightful - THANK YOU - I love how you feel you can just tell me what it is you love, this helps me to create the right content for you. If you would still love to take part, then please click here to do so.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Chanel Inspired - Mix and Match Bag Accessories by River Island

Chanel inspired bag ootd

When you fall in love the minute you see it, you can imagine using it for this and for that - you must buy it. Too many times I've walked away from idea items and truly regretted this. Every now and then you just have to go for something when you are not planning to buy, just because... it feels so right.

Chanel designs are typically monochrome, typically tweed mixed with leather - and so this collection from River Island really mimics the design ethos of the Chanel brand.

And so with this cross-body bag seen in store and bought - I am in love!  I've been using it now just over a week and I've had so many compliments! I won't deny you may need to reconsider if you have a large purse but on the whole it has lots of compartments therefore helping you to organise your items - it's really helped me reduce what I carry each day, and the lighter load has been lovely!

I think this is a fabulous price at £32, I would say it looks more £50+.

Black boucle cross body bag

Crossbody bag

This is the matching purse, however I noticed in the collection that they had some others that are more slimline that complement this range, which are a great alternative especially if you don't want matchy-matchy.

Black boucle front clip top purse


If you are looking for a bigger bag, then I would opt for this one - again I can't believe the price. The finishes like the zip pulls or the gold chain etc of each item are similar and so this easily allows you to swap between items easily. So for example, if you away for the weekend, you could travel using this slouch bag to get lots of stuff in, but use the cross-body bag above in the evenings when you want less items with you.

Black blocked woven chain slouch bag

Tote bag

This is a fabulous option if you want to avoid black and perfect for summer outfits - all very natural and would easily work with multiple colour schemes, especially if you teamed this with tan sandals. The fringing too will keep you on trend too for 2018.

Beige woven fringe lock cross body chain bag

Woven crossover bag


They've put this as a make-up bag online, I would perhaps say it's a tad big for that. When I was hands-on with it, I felt this was a wash bag ideal for all your bathroom essentials - it has a lining inside to protect the outer fabric from small spills. 

I loved this -  and as its neutral in colour with such a great price-point, this would make a fabulous gift to any women of any age - so if you have any birthdays coming up or maybe even Mother's day - this would be spot on!

Beige woven zip top make-up bag

Wasj bag

I don't generally use vanity cases, especially not whilst travelling - but it's nice that they have included something like this in the range, it would a personal preference item, but classy nonetheless!

Black tweed quilted vanity case

Vanity Case

I WANT THIS WEEKEND BAG!!!! This is on MY HIT LIST, and I can kind of justify it (she says confidently LOL!). My orange faux snakeskin weekender that I've had a few good years, the pull-lever has broken, and so I simply cannot use it - surely that's reason there?! It's fairly lightweight and I thought quite roomy for a weekend bag.

Beige mixed weave panel weekend bag

Weekend Bag

But if you need the wheels, then they have thought of that too! Well done River Island, I am very impressed with this collection. 

Beige woven panel four wheel suitcase


Now not all stores have all the items, I've been in several River Island shops and you get a mix bag (literally!) I would suggest to head into your local store so you can get a feel of the style and fabric and if they are missing an item you are keen on then go online for the full collection.



I know you are keen to know more about what I wear casually at the weekends, and this is probably a typical look on a low-key Saturday run-around kind of day. When I have no major plans and I need to get jobs done I always turn to my NIKES; I've had these over two years now and I love them!

At the moment, it's very cold and so on wet and chilly days, whilst I know most people are opting for their rain coats, I'm choosing my faux fur black coat which I've had for many years and my M&S black cashmere polo that was a gift this Christmas - both keep me very snug!

Pure Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper

Lizzi Richardson

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

A date with Lizzi - Meet Lizzie Parsons

Lizzi Richardson and Lizzie Parsons
I'm so excited by this post, it's been a while since I've published an interview and you are going to love Lizzie! Yes that's right there is two of us! 

I met Lizzie just under four years ago and she is a fabulous Image Consultant; she has a huge passion for helping woman be the best of themselves and helps them find their signature style. 

She kindly agreed to give some tips about how to discover your own body shape and what Spring 2018 trends she is excited about. We hope you enjoy it reading it, we certainly enjoyed putting it altogether! We would love to hear your thoughts so please do comment on any of our social media posts. 

Lizzi x

Tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Lizzie and I am a married with two young sons who are both under 4 – I work as an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, based between Maidenhead and Reading in Berkshire. I travel all over the south east of England for client sessions, workshops and presentations. I am wonderfully busy with my babies and my business, and I feel very fortunate to be able to do both and feel proud I am a working mummy.

Lizzie Parsons
What has been your journey so far?

I have been a personal shopper and a wardrobe & outfit stylist for 17 years, and for the last 4 years as a qualified Image Coach with The Federation of Image Professionals International. Before that I was working as a PA and Executive Assistant in major corporations after obtaining a BA Honour degree in Business and Marketing Management. In 2015 I undertook an advanced Diploma in Image incorporating coaching executives, communication, executive presence and personal branding; I know it’s a mouthful! My past clients have included global businesses, top executives, business and life coaches, schools, graduates and brides and their bridal parties to name a few.

What is a typical day in the life of Lizzie?

7am – The day starts with either tea or coffee, definitely coffee if we’ve been up with the children, this is normally made by my husband. My husband tends to be on breakfast duty most mornings so once the children are occupied at the kitchen table I will head back upstairs to write in my journal for 15 minutes about how I am feeling, I will meditate for 10 minutes before jumping in the shower.

8.30am – By this point the children dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed and chat to them while having my breakfast, and then I am on the nursery run!

9am - My working day starts and during this time I will be responding to emails, planning client shopping trips and any last minute requirements before my client sessions start.

10am – 1pm – this time is dedicated to my client sessions

1.30pm – 6.30pm - Time to pick children up and possibly head to the park, library or soft play dependent on the weather and moods. During their naps I’m back working playing catch up on voicemails and emails. Evening routine starts about 5pm and children in bed by 6.30pm

7.30pm – Hubby cooks dinner while I work at the kitchen table. We chat and talk about our days while we have dinner. He then either goes out to play football, has to work himself or goes to our Snug to read. I will then work on internal preparations for my upcoming workshops. I will also have Skype calls with clients and business collaborators.

9.00pm – Bed for me. My husband brings me a cup of chamomile tea and we chat for half an hour before I fall asleep.

What’s the best thing about your work?

Working with my clients is the absolute best. I am a stickler for detail and ensuring my clients really own their style. I have a very warm and inclusive approach, so much so that many of my clients send me text messages or messages through WhatsApp when they are off to an event like a wedding for example, to show me what they are wearing and tell me how good they are feeling. They like me to share in that joy and I really do. I also tend to get a lot of changing room photos asking me what I think about an outfit that they have tried on. This is a big compliment. My clients trust me to kindly tell them the truth and they respect my opinion. That’s pure job satisfaction right there.

How does dressing for your body shape help the way you look?

So the obvious one here is comfort. If your clothes flatter your body shape then they are more likely to fit well and be comfortable. It’s also about confidence; if we feel that we look good in our clothes we our going to hold ourselves taller and our body language will be more self assured. What we wear also affects how we feel on the inside, so if we feel great in our clothes it is going to affect our mood. When undertaking a style consultation with a client I am looking at many things including their proportions, their outside frame, face shape and whether they are high or low waisted. All of this informs me of what shape and length of clothes would suit that individual, this is what makes it personal. I also talk to the client about what they like about their body and any areas they don’t like and why. In my experience my clients want me to take the focus off the areas they don’t like and I see my job as helping them to do that.

Are there any tips on how to work out your own body shape, or get a feel for what you could be?

If you are investing in yourself, then for the best results it’s worth investing in the right advice from the start, and Image Coaches are here to do that for you – it prevents you wasting money on items that you may get wrong.

But if you want to have a go yourself, then a starting point for dressing well for your body shape is to work out your outside line. You will need a full length mirror. Pop on a pair of leggings and a tight t-shirt or strappy vest, then stand in front of the mirror and 'what do you see?' 

What you are looking for are either angular (straight) lines or curved lines in your:

  • Shoulders
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Top of legs

If your shoulders are more rounded, and your waist curves in then your top half is a curve.

For an angular top half we are looking to see that your shoulders don’t slope dramatically and the line is quite straight. We are also looking for a straight outside line at the waist.

On your lower half if your hips and legs curve in noticeably then we would classify you as a curve in this area.

If the line from your hips to the top of your legs is relatively straight then we would classify this area as angular.

You can be:

  • Curve on curve
  • Curve on angular
  • Angular on curve
  • Angular on angular

Once you’ve worked on your outside line these tips will really help you with your clothing choices:

  • Curve – go for curved neck jumpers and t-shirts. If wearing a v-neck balance it with a curved necklace or rounded earrings. Wear skirts and dress with a predominately rounded silhouette – namely at the neck and hem – An a line skirt for example. Rounded patterns and prints like polka dots.
  • Angular – look for v-neck tops, pencil skirts, square and angular jewellery such as pendants for example.

I believe that in order to have good style one must bend or break the rules from time to time and so this quote rings true:  Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.- Pablo Picasso.

What advice can you offer to readers about adopting new fashion trends?

Fashion should be fun and it should also suit your lifestyle too. Don’t feel pressured to wear what an Influencer or celebrity is wearing if you don’t like it. We all have our own style and that is where the joy and art of dressing well is.

Clothes are like magic in a way; they can transform the way you look, feel, behave and hold yourself. Your signature style tells a story about who you are and if a trend doesn’t appeal to the story you want to tell, then I’d avoid it. In the same way if a trend speaks to you and who you are, I don’t believe you would regret investing in it. Just make sure it fits and is comfortable!

What two Spring 2018 trends are you most excited about?

The Trench Coat Designers are constantly reimagining the trench coat, and for spring, the classic staple was officially the key piece in many collections. To be worn with everything from bikinis to boardroom attire.

Bold colourThis summer will be very bright indeed if the catwalks are anything to go by - From New York to Paris, the shows were awash with vibrant, bold shades to suit every colouring.

What three things could you not live without?
My husband and my two sons.

Your recommend 'best buy'?

That has to be New Look's Wide Fit Red Patent Block Heel Ankle Boots, they £29.99 and I have normal width fit and they fit just fine. Love them!

Lizzie without hesitating, what's your favs?

  • High street or Designer? Both and worn together
  • Heels or flats? Flats because I have had a problem since birth with my right ankle otherwise I would say heels!
  • Leather or faux fur? Faux leather for me
  • Instagram or Facebook? The Gram all the way!
  • Paper notebook or digital tablet? I’m all about the pretty paper so a notebook for me
  • Diamonds or Pearls? Diamonds
  • Zara or H&M? Tough one! Both but not worn together
  • Tea or Coffee? I love a good coffee although I can’t have much of it otherwise I get the shakes
  • Starter or Desert? Usually dessert but I have been known to stray…
  • Lipstick or Lip Gloss? It could be either - mood dependent

Lizzie Parsons
Lizzie along with Anna from Isanda Consulting and Stephanie from Summers Photography, are running a workshop called Brand Yourself at Great House Lodge in Sonning- It's a personal branding workshop for business owners to look at their business brand presence and take action to realise their brand, have lifestyle photographs taken for their social media web presence then finishing with a social media workshop and action plan bespoke to your business. Click the link below to book.

You can find out more about Lizzie at Lizzie Parsons Image Consultancy or you can follow her on Facebook and check out her 365 outfits in 365 days challenge plus more on Instagram.


Lizzi Richardson
So we had a lovely lunch in The Botanists in Marlow, fabulous little spot! I had a chicken and avocado salad and Lizzie had a steak sandwich - she was kind enough to share her chips!

I wore my January sale items - AllSaints blue jeans and my Zara red jacket, teamed them with Next navy shoe boots and my Reiss navy jumper.

Lizzi Richardson